Australia Free Trade Agreement Certificate Of Origin

ChAFTA certificates of origin or other original certification documents must prove to Chinese customs authorities the original status of your products so that your importer can benefit from the reduced rights under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Certification of the original model Any right to preferences under the Australian Free Trade Agreement must be supported by a certificate of origin attesting to the original status of the imported product. This link contains a PDF model that shows how to structure such a certificate of origin. The model can be filled in and users can use it. Its use or respect for its structure is by no means mandatory. However, under the applicable rules, all data that is provided must be submitted, at CBP`s request, as part of a preferential tariff application. Australian export products seeking preferential treatment must be accompanied by appropriate original documents, such as chAFTA certificates of origin, which are completed in accordance with the requirements of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Step 4: Transmit the completed ChAFTA Certificate of Origin to or via our electronic platforms. For e-submissions, please contact us on 02 9466 4565 or email us.

ESTV has opened markets for services such as life insurance and express deliveries, improved intellectual property protection and helped facilitate U.S. investment through predictable access and a stable business environment. For the first time, U.S. companies in many sectors are not allowed to compete with Australian government purchases. U.S. agricultural exports receive duty-free treatment, including processed food products, fruits and vegetables, corn and soybeans. The free trade agreement has also made progress in the area of e-commerce and access to the drug market. Publication 3722 of the International Trade Commission: This publication contains the HTSUS General Note 28 and a list of goods that have become duty-free upon entry into force, as well as the exit schedule for goods that, over time, become duty-free.

Only products originating in China or Australia benefit from preferential tariffs. The preferential chAFTA rules for origin are agreed criteria that are used to ensure that this is the case. These criteria are necessary to prevent handling when goods are diverted by third parties, either via China or Australia, in order to avoid higher tariffs. For imports to China or Australia that are not included in Chapters 3 and 2 of the agreement, the general tariff rate applied in Australia or China instead of the preferential rates in force under chAFTA is subject. For Australian exporters, products that are „original” under chAFTA and are eligible for the chAFTA Certificate of Origin are generally: ChAFTA removes or reduces barriers to merchandise trade between Australia and our main trading partner, China.

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