Medical Equipment Service Agreement Template

This comprehensive plan provides collaborative, strategic and supportive service. Medical facilities are under increasing pressure to meet growing regulatory requirements. A service contract that offers document management and reporting is a lifesa sauveur. Service companies can manage your quality control documentation, track and track your maintenance, inspection and repair activities. Reporting is also an excellent tool for profitable asset management. It can help you see your actual expenses and plan your service budget accordingly. Our team is always looking for new ways to improve the services we provide to our customers. Instead of focusing on a standard off the shelf software system developed for other sectors and services, we developed our own custom system, known as the Access Customer Portal. This system allows us to provide our customers with complete data to meet or exceed their medical distribution and service expectations. When you sign up for our medical equipment service contract, you can use the customer access portal to check the condition of maintenance and repair. Get a free estimate for our sales and medical services by calling 1-877-995-1117.

We provide a wide range of comprehensive services that you expect to obtain with professional biomedical services companies, as well as options for medical equipment service contract programs and other important services. Repairing and restoring padding, strengthening surgical instruments and calibration services are some of the professional options you provide when you enroll in our medical equipment support and repair program. Call today to learn more about all the services available via Stat Bio-Medical Sales – Service. US Medical Systems verifies all of these boxes (and more) as a biomedical repair service. Call our office in Fort Mill, SC to learn more about our extensive medical services programs. If you plan to work with serious biomedical service providers to create a service program for medical equipment inspection, testing, calibration and maintenance, please contact Stat Bio-Medical Sales – Service. Our years of training and experience, combined with certification in all the best medical sales and service brands in the United States, make us a powerful resource for your practice, clinic or hospital. There are many benefits associated with using a medical service contract that can help you save time and money, while ensuring that your biomedical devices are fully functional. Extending future devices to avoid dilapidated Any type of medical equipment, be it a surgical table or a respirator, requires regular checks. From time to time, the appliances also need to be repaired or replaced. Many devices need to be calibrated and tested. Preventive maintenance is the first essential element of a service contract.

While reducing maintenance requirements is a growing trend, manufacturers have always recommended schedules that must be met to ensure smooth and safe operation of this device. Technical inspections and instrumental monitoring at regular intervals by qualified professionals will help prevent possible malfunctions and reduce the hospital`s biomedical repair costs. Stat Bio-Medical Sales – Service offers high quality biomedical sales, repairs, inspections, tests and quality services to support your medical facility in order to continue to provide a high level of care to your patients. If you work with a company run and run by veterans, you can expect the same level of work and determination, typical of the men and women who serve in our nation`s armed forces.

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