Rockwell Automation End User License Agreement

23. PARTY SOFTWARE THREE: The software can be integrated, integrated or bundled with third-party software that requires them to accept and be linked to additional notifications and/or terms and conditions. This additional information and/or terms of sale is identified in the aid or via screens and licenses.txt or text files playing the software and ends with reference to this CLA or the Product Compatibility Download Center located in, as part of this CLA or in accordance with the provisions of the download center for product compatibility. By accepting this ECJ, you agree to review the conditions set out in it, if they exist, and your use of the Software is considered your acceptance. 20. DATA: In providing services, distribution activities or associated with your use of Rockwell Automation products and software, Rockwell Automation may receive, receive or collect data or information, including your contact information, computer system, installation or user-specific data (together „data”). In such cases, you grant Rockwell Automation a non-exclusive, Global License, free, unlimited, non-revocable, use, compilation, distribution, display, storage, processing, reproduction or creation of derivative data, only to facilitate sales and service performance by Rockwell Automation and its associated companies (including, but not limited to, quality, safety, energy and security analyses, product and service diagnostics and prognuzon, as well as reports) and to facilitate or improve your use. In addition, you grant Rockwell Automation and its related companies a license to use and aggregate data in support of Rockwell Automation`s marketing and distribution activities. Rockwell Automation and its affiliates may also use this information in a form that you do not personally identify, in a form that does not personally identify you to improve our products, software and services, and we may share anonymous aggregated data with our third-party vendors. Legal agreement between each user of this site and Rockwell Automation. This end-user license agreement („EULA”) is a legal contract between you (either an individual or a single entity) and Rockwell Automation, Inc.

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