Sample Agreement Between Manufacturer And Distributor

14. The distributor is responsible for the payment of the drugs provided by the company for orders received by the distributor if the ingredient to which the company has supplied medicines refuses to pay for it within two months of receipt of the drugs. The merchant is the guarantor of the payment of the orders he has reserved. a. Exclusive appointment. Subject to the terms of this dealer agreement, the company designates and grants the distributor the exclusive right to sell and distribute the products to customers in the territory (the „customers”) and to provide non-distributor services to the company, as stated here in this section. The distributor limits its product activities to customers within the territory and, without the company`s explicit written consent, forgoes selling or transferring the products directly or indirectly to a person outside the territory. The company is not authorized to sell or deliver products on the territory, directly or indirectly, except through the distributor, and the company cannot address the distributor`s customers without the company`s prior written permission. If you sign an agreement with a new distributor, you should choose a manageable area from the beginning. If your planned distributor only succeeds in a small market, it would be unwise to assign a large area to it and hope that it will work. Instead, choose distributors with proven results in their respective fields. If you are ready to explore growth opportunities, gradually expand your business. One of the most serious mistakes to avoid is to make it too fast.

There is a limit to the number of partnerships that suppliers and distributors can forge. If the supplier signs a contract with a particular dealer, the supplier cannot enter into an agreement with another distributor. g. Full agreement. This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the proposed transactions and replaces all previous written and oral agreements as well as all concurrent oral agreements relating to these transactions. CONSIDERING that the company is active in the manufacture of several drugs and that it has decided to appoint a sales agent for the whole of India with advertising rights, and that the distributor has agreed to work as such;and 5. The distributor employs medical representatives at its own expense and costs for advertising the company`s products among doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. The distributor also employs agents, agents at its own expense and costs related to the activity of the exclusive distribution agency.

10. The distributor reserves orders for the company`s products on the schedule attached to the attached schedule. Terms and conditions may be changed from time to time by company flyers or instructions, and the trader is required to follow the company`s instructions from time to time. 6. The distributor has the right to appoint sub-agents for each state or territory of the country and under the conditions that the distributor deems appropriate. However, the company is not responsible for transactions between the trader and his sub-agents.

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