Tenet Corporate Integrity Agreement

For more than a decade, hospitals hid their systems with fictitious contracts. Under the contracts, hospitals paid clinics for various services, including translation and birth certificate services. However, services are not needed” (1); or (2) the reproduction of services already provided; (3) sub-standards; or (4) not rendered at all. Tenet continued to hide his settlement by hiding the true nature of the contracts from his lawyers. As the government noted, „[t]he various times during the conspiracy, some executives at Tenet Hospital . . . . and others concealed essential facts of lawyers and outside counsel, because they knew that the agreements would not be approved if the true nature of La Clinica`s agreements were disclosed to counsel. Despite the strong demands of the CIA, the staff of some Tenet hospitals (hospitals) continued to act illegally in violation of the anti-kickback status. In particular, some hospital executives have kickback agreements with Clinica de la Mama (Clinica), a prenatal medical clinic that serves most undocumented and needy pregnant women. This system worked by directing patients to hospitals, allowing hospitals to illegally recover large sums of money through the national Medicaid program. In return, hospitals have paid large sums of money to Clinica to encourage their patients (sometimes by false and false means) to give birth to their babies in hospitals. „These charges underscore our ongoing commitment to bringing individuals and businesses to justice for their fraudulent behavior,” said Assistant Attorney General Blanco. „We will follow the evidence that this will lead us, including in the company`s executives.” Tenet HealthSystem Medical Inc.

and its subsidiaries (THSM) have entered into a Non-Prosecution Agreement (NPA) with the Department of Criminal Fraud and the U.S. Attorney`s Office of the Northern District of Georgia with respect to the charges in the criminal information. THSM is the parent company of Atlanta Medical Center Inc., North Fulton Medical Center Inc., Spalding Regional Medical Center Inc.

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