How To Negotiate A Saas Agreement

If you know in advance the risks associated with certain provisions, the decision-making process will also be accelerated and it will be easier to decide which language you are proposed or deleted to accept or not to accept. The Y Combinator SaaS form is a solid agreement. Its authors knew what they were doing when they put it together. However, it is apparent from the comments and the optional language contained in the agreement that they knew that they should not be used by all SaaS companies in all situations. A tailor-made agreement also protects your company from risk in the event of a problem, eliminating ambiguities and removing non-applicable conditions. In addition, to reflect the results of previous SaaS contract negotiations, refining conditions will reduce future friction with new customers. 1. Technical specifications. While SaaS-related technical specifications are important for every product or service offering, they are often left out, but defining appropriate technical specifications is essential to establish expectations between the parties and avoid disputes. This is especially true when SaaS is tailored to the customer`s business or processes.

Therefore, the SaaS contract should contain technical specifications that appropriately (and specifically) describe the expected functionality of SaaS. In most cases, the technical specifications provide the parameters against which SaaS performance is measured, whether due to the acceptance testing process (if any) or predefined guarantees or service levels. In the first part of this series on software services (SaaS) contracts, we looked at what SaaS agreements are and outlined strategies to prepare you for purchasing SaaS programs and negotiating with SaaS providers. In this talk, we will discuss the common terms and provisions of SaaS agreements. Regardless of the type of SaaS program, there are several notions that are regularly present in almost all SaaS agreements. If you become familiar with these general provisions, you will know what you need to pay attention to when contracting with a SaaS provider. While the following list is not exhaustive for all the terms you might see in a SaaS treaty, it touches on the most important aspects of the agreement. . .


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