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This is an example from a transaction agreement used for termination. Use it only as a reference. It does not apply to your own situation. Please call Juridisch Platform on +3120 – 468 9114 if you would like free legal advice to improve your transaction agreement. This transaction agreement may be signed in one or more equivalents constituting together a binding agreement. This agreement will be entered into on August 28, 2019 („Effective Date”) by and between the Ohio A. Philip Randolph Institute, Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, and Larry Harmon (together „Plaintiff”) and Frank LaRose, Ohio Secretary of State, in his official capacity („Respondent”). The plaintiff and the defendant (together the „parties”) are parties to a dispute entitled Ohio A. Philip Randolph Institute et al. v.

LaRose (formerly Ohio A. Philip Randolph Institute et al. v. Husted), case 2:16-cv-303, filed may 17, 2016, with the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio (the „Dispute”). This Settlement Agreement (hereinafter referred to as „Agreement”) is entered into from the effective date, as defined in point 2.6 below, by and between the following parties: August Longo („Applicants”) and the Regents of the University of California, on behalf of the University of California, San Francisco, and UCSF Medical Center (hereinafter referred to as „UCSF”). The applicant and the UCSF are sometimes referred to jointly as „parties”. While there has been controversy (company name) and (CUSTOMER NAME) and neither party admits responsibility or assumes full responsibility, both parties have agreed to the following terms to settle their dispute, as evidenced by their signature below. This debt settlement contract, hereinafter referred to as „the agreement”, consists of _______ State _______ The consequent non-payment gives rise to the immediate opening of a recovery procedure and the continuation of all legal proceedings before the competent courts of the State. This settlement agreement („Agreement”) is entered into on November 24, 2020 („Effective Date”) of and between HeyBryan Inc., a company that did the anna Giordano Ciancio, Mediation at the Intersection with Contract Law: The Settlement Agreement, p. April 2017 reichten die Young America`s Foundation und die Republikaner des Berkeley College („Kläger”) beim United States District Court for the Northern District of California eine Beschwerde gegen Janet Napolitano, Nicholas B. Dirks, Stephen C.

Sutton, Joseph D. Greenwell, Margo Bennett, Alex Yao und Leroy M. Harris beim United States District Court for the Northern District of California ein (Fall Nr. 3:17-cv-02255-MMC; This settlement agreement will be entered into from that date, in March 2020, by and between applicants Cara Centko, Jenn Lazar, Christopher Stanczak, Rose Creps, James Kinnick, Wallace Coats, Maryanne Brogan, Andrea Smolek, Danny Dickerson, Robert Fockler, Amy Franklin, Donald House, Dave Loomis, Joseph McCallister, Arron Miller, Ricky Montoya, Lynn North, Mark Rice, Reid Schmitt, James Smith and Chris Stackhouse (the „Applicants” or „Class Representatives”), individually and as representatives of the class defined below, and the defendants Hyundai Motor America („HMA”), Hyundai Motor Company („HMC”), Kia Motors Corporation („KMC”) and Kia Motors America („KMA”) (together the „Parties”). The State of Vermont („the State”), the Vermont Democratic Party („VDP”) and the Burlington Democratic Committee („BDC”) agree to the campaign finance complaint of the 200 election this transaction and settlement agreement („agreement” or „agreement”) is entered into by and between the applicant ARLENE BALL (the „Nominated Applicant”). The Tribunal appointed the class representative, on behalf of itself and any other similar person, as well as the defendant, COMMERCE WEST INSURANCE COMPANY (hereinafter referred to as „CWIC” or „defendant”), by its respective lawyer, subject to the following conditions. . . .

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