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Rhythm and visual language (help, help) Poets express their feelings. 2 Object/Verb concordance Rule #1Plural nouns usually end on -s. Singulate obsessives usually end on – s. When sentences begin with „there” or „here”, the subject is always placed according to the verb, so care must be taken to identify it correctly. Let us correct the two sentences mentioned above in accordance with the basic rule. These include the first four rules of the ASA, an exercise and an activity for the ASA. I hope you like it. From that date, Scribd manages your SlideShare account and all content you have on SlideShare, and Scribd`s terms of use and privacy policy apply. If you wish to log out, please close your SlideShare account. SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT with Prepositional Phrase, No public clipboard found for this slide.


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