Terminating An Enterprise Agreement

„All circumstances must also be taken into account when considering the appropriateness of terminating the contract. The obligation laid down in Article 226(b) to take into account all the circumstances, including the circumstances referred to in Article 226(b)(i) and (ii), shall be a requirement to take account of the facts and to give them the necessary weight in determining whether it is appropriate to denounce a company agreement`.; [8] For an employer facing difficult and slow negotiations in a changing industry, Murdoch University`s result is a further sign that terminating an existing company agreement can be an accessible „game change” to influence negotiations. Based on this result and the most important decisions that have been made previously, there are certain license plates that will be more likely to lay off: there are a number of dated examples where agreements have been denounced if they are true relics from an ancient labor context. . . .

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