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When it comes to studying abroad, one of the most popular programs is the Erasmus exchange program. It allows students to study at a foreign university for a semester or a year, gaining international experience, cultural awareness, and academic knowledge. If you`re interested in participating in the Erasmus program and have chosen the University of Applied Sciences (HS) Augsburg as your destination, you`ll need to sign a Learning Agreement.

What is a Learning Agreement?

A Learning Agreement is a document that outlines the courses you intend to take at the host university and how they will be recognized by your home university. It`s a way to ensure that the credits you earn at the host university will be transferable and recognized by your home university when you return and continue your studies.

Why is a Learning Agreement important?

A Learning Agreement is important because it protects your academic interests and ensures that you`re on track to fulfill your degree requirements. By planning ahead and selecting courses that are relevant and equivalent to the courses you would take at your home university, you`ll avoid any complications or delays in completing your degree.

How to complete a Learning Agreement for Erasmus HS Augsburg?

To complete the Learning Agreement for Erasmus HS Augsburg, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Contact the International Office at your home university and the host university and inform them of your interest in the Erasmus program. They will guide you through the application process and provide you with the necessary documents.

2. Choose the courses you want to take at HS Augsburg. You should consult with your academic advisor at your home university to ensure that the courses you select are equivalent to the courses you would take at home.

3. Fill out the Learning Agreement form. This form typically includes your personal information, the courses you plan to take at HS Augsburg, and the signatures of both your home and host universities. Make sure you fill out the form accurately and completely to avoid any confusion or errors.

4. Submit the Learning Agreement to your home university`s International Office for approval. Your home university will review the agreement and make any necessary changes or suggestions to ensure that it`s valid and meets the requirements of your degree program.

5. Send a copy of the approved Learning Agreement to HS Augsburg`s International Office. This will confirm your acceptance and enrollment in the Erasmus program and allow you to register for the courses you`ve selected.


The Learning Agreement is a crucial component of the Erasmus exchange program. It ensures that your academic goals are met and that the credits you earn at your host university will count towards your degree. By carefully selecting your courses and following the steps outlined above, you can successfully complete the Learning Agreement for Erasmus HS Augsburg and enjoy a rewarding study abroad experience.

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